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Alexander Dickow’s Caramboles          volume 7 # 2

Leopoldo María Panero’s Like An Eye In The Hand Of A Beggar (transl. Arturo Mantecón)          volume 8 # 1

Helen Palma’s Selected Poems from Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal         volume 8 # 2

C.M. Mayo’s Metaphysical Journey Into The Mexican Revolution (including her translation of Madero)         volume 8 # 3

The Alteration of Silence:  Recent Chilean Poetry, Ghigliotto and Allegrezza eds.         volume 8 # 3

Abdelfattah Kilito’s Arabs and The Art of Storytellng (transl. Sellin and Sryfi)         volume 9 # 1

Pere Gimferrer’s Alma Venus (transl. Adrian West)          volume 9 # 1

Pedro Xavier Solís Cuadra’s Tides (transl. Jill Levine)          volume 9 # 2

Eduardo Chirinos’s While The Wolf Is Around (transl. G. J. Racz)          volume 9 # 2

Mohamed Zafzaf’s Monarch of The Square (transl. Sryfi and Allen)          volume 9 # 3

Tawfiq Al-Hakim’s The Revolt of The Young (transl. Mona Radwan)          volume 9 # 3

Ahmed Barakat’s A Body That Must Rest On Air (transl. Hassan Hilmy)   volume 10 # 2

Tayseer Al-Sboul’s Desert Sorrows (transl. Nesreen Akhtarkhavari)  volume 10 # 3

Dimitris Lyacos’s Poena Damni: Z213: Exit (transl. Shorsha Sullivan) volume 11 # 2

Tayseer Al-Sboul’s You As Of Today My Homeland (transl. N Akhtarkhavari) volume 11 # 2

José Eustasio Rivera The Vortex (transl. John Charles Chasteen) volume 12 # 1

Rumi The Wine Of Reunion (transl. N.Akhtarkhavari, Anthony Lee) volume 12 # 2

Miller Oberman The Unstill Ones (transl.Oberman) volume 12 # 3

Eduardo Chirinos The Bayard Street Tightrope Walker (transl. G.J.Racz) volume 12 # 3